Sending “The Bible is the Higher Law in America” to our leaders!

In honor of Constitution Day, to reiterate the truths of the United States Constitution, Alliance for Religious Freedom will be sending out “The Bible is the Higher Law in America” to President Trump. Along with a copy of the book he will receive a letter as to why he is receiving the book.

Others who will be receiving a book and a letter:

  1. Democrats:
    1. Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair
    2. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader
    3. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader
  2. Republicans:
    1. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House
    2. Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader
    3. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader

Click the link below to see the specific letters included with the books:
President Trump’s letter: letter-to-president-trump-with-book
Congress’ letter: letter-to-congress-with-book

With your help, ARF plans to get a copy of “The Bible is the Higher Law in America” into the hands of every member of the House and Senate. To help ARF accomplish this goal, purchase a copy for $10 by using the “DONATE” tab – (click this link and follow the instructions).

“The Bible is the Higher Law in America”  allows our founders and early church ministers to speak about the influence God and His Holy Word had in the birthing of America. For decades, history revisionists, progressives, politicians, the “left” (and even some of the “right”) have denied us the truth of the Bible’s historical influence in America. It seems the further our nation gets from God, the further we slide down the slope of moral relativism. Billy Graham describes the mentality that is so prevalent today – Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone—except God.”

“We the People” need to remind our elected officials that our nation is suffering today because their governing philosophy no longer reflects God’s law. “We the People” need to encourage them to restore God and His Word to His rightful place in our nation. Thankfully, the pulpits in our nation still have the platform to significantly influence the social and political arenas. Pastors still have the freedom of religious expression to preach what the Holy Bible teaches about every issue we face. All pastors need to be reminded how important their voices are regarding all issues in our culture today – and yes, even in politics and political hot button issues. My vision is to allow the Founders and early church ministers to speak their own words to our elective representatives and pastors.

It’s time for people of faith to “take back from Caesar (government) what is God’s (our Godly heritage).”

Blessings, Tom Hughes
[email protected]
“In all your ways, acknowledge Him…” Proverbs 3:6

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