Corona Rant – by Pastor Steven Grant

Pastor Steven Grant and I met on social media several years ago. What I admire most about Pastor Steven is his boldness to preach the “whole counsel of God” regarding the cultural issues we face as a nation today. He also teaches on the biblical principles our founders used to establish America’s government. Steven is the author of several books including his latest “Fixing Immigration” which made Amazon’s Best Seller list for Immigration Law Topic. Steven is currently the pastor at Destiny Christian Center in Greeley, Colorado.

Corona Rant – by Pastor Steven Grant

I write this today as a pastor in the midst of the Covid-19, Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  My heart is aching, grieving over what I see in the church!  We are misrepresenting the power of Jesus Christ at every turn while excusing our actions as practical, pragmatic and nice.  What would the Jesus who walked on water, touched lepers and healed the sick have to say?

During the past two weeks I have been counseled by leaders to make sure my tone is positive, and encouraging to those that view the church webcasts.  I have been told that it is prudent to close church doors, while the doors of the local abortion clinic, liquor store and marijuana shop stay open.  (No protest from these pastors, by the way.)  I have been advised to “protect” people around me by sheltering in place and making sure that I minimize risk.  Is this really the message of Jesus Christ, of radical faith, of the ALL Mighty God?

The church militant of yesterday has become the Pharisee committee of today.  When a pastor in Florida is arrested for holding services despite closure orders, they quietly criticize his lack of sensitivity while they parade their pragmatism in cloistered rooms.  No wonder the anemic, pathetic church in America no longer sees miracles; they no longer believe in them.  I don’t care if they pay lip service.  With this kind of faith, they couldn’t heal a fly with a headache.

Yes, I understand the fact that this is a pandemic.  I know that we are told to shelter in place.  But when Peter and John were threatened early in the book of Acts, they shrugged and said, “whatever.”  And they went on doing exactly what they were forbidden to do.  Is this the church of today, or are we more concerned about our image than our effectiveness?

The church of Jesus Christ is built upon authority.  All power was given to Jesus Christ in heaven AND in earth.  All of it.  This was delegated to His disciples; His believers.  They were to teach, pray, heal, cleanse and proclaim His power to the ends of the world.  In sickness and in health.  In turmoil and in peace.  In hard times and in blessing.  This faith, this power, this authority was the bedrock of the church of Jesus Christ.  How sad it is that the church that heals is now closed for business by a disease.

If the church is to become an influencer, the salt and light of society once again, she must reclaim radical faith.  The church must run toward danger, disease and controversy; not away from it.  The church must stand out and stand against the mainstream.  Then, and only then will the church arise.  If not, the church is in danger of hearing these words; “depart from me.  I never knew you.”

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