God Has Made Me the Guardian of My Castle, Not You!

On January 20, 2021, Americans and the Cowardly Republicans handed over the “land of the free” to the Communist Democrats. I told my wife, “These God haters will come after our guns and our God given right to self-defense.” I went on to say, “Don’t be surprised if legislation is passed making it illegal to use deadly force to protect yourself and your family from a home intruder.” Well surprise, surprise, Texas State Representative Terry Meza is attempting to do just that. Below is my letter to Texas State Representative Terry Meza.

Texas State Representative Terry Meza (D),

Recently, you introduced HB196, a bill that would repeal the state’s “Castle Doctrine.” The bill would eliminate so-called stand your ground protection by requiring a victim to attempt to retreat in the face of an attacker before using deadly force. The “Castle Doctrine” permits a person to use force up to and including deadly force to defend him/herself against an intruder – and be free from legal responsibility/prosecution. Ms. Meza, you were quoted as saying HB196 “[w]ould require a homeowner to exhaust the potential of safely retreating into their habitation before using deadly force in defense of themselves or their property.”  Your party wants to defund police departments and yet, you further explain, “I filed this bill because the castle doctrine as it currently exists emboldens people to take justice into their own hands.” I’m at a loss for words!

Thank God someone has some common sense in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott, responded to your bill saying, “We won’t force Texas homeowners to retreat…especially with the crazy ‘defund police’ ideas, homeowners need to protect themselves now more than ever.” Amen Governor!

Ms. Meza, let me give you a history lesson. The “Castle Doctrine” has a biblical origin, “If the thief is caught while breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there will be no bloodguiltiness on his account” Exodus 22:2. Founding Father James Wilson was a signer of the Declaration and the Constitution. Wilson was also an original justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He explains the “Castle Doctrine” – “Homicide is enjoined [required] when it is necessary for the defense of one’s person or house…. Every man’s house is deemed, by the law, to be his castle; and the law while it invests him with the power, [places] on him the duty of the commanding officer [of his house]. Every man’s house is his castle…and if anyone be robbed in it, it shall be esteemed his own fault and negligence.”

Furthermore, Ms. Meza, the right of self-defense is a God-given, natural right for all people, given to us at birth by our Creator. Thomas Jefferson stated, “Government is to declare and enforce only our natural rights and duties and to take none of them from us.” The Second Amendment protects our right of self-defense and is an inalienable right, “which God gave to you, which no inferior power has a right to take away” – Constitution signer John Dickinson. Your bill is unconstitutional and is an attempt to “take away” our God-given right to self- defense, therefore, making you an “inferior power,” an “enemy” of the Constitution.

God has made me the guardian of my castle, not you, the police, or the government!

In the year of our Lord 2021
Sincerely –
Tom Hughes, President
Alliance for Religious Freedom, LLC
[email protected]
Buford, SC

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